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Dragon Slave [Feb. 19th, 2006|12:40 pm]
Slayers Rating



Name: (real name if possible) Christine
Nicknames: Chrissi-chan-luvvy-lu-kaien-dono-san-suu
DOB: March 2nd
Age: 19, almost 20

Hobbies: Eating, cooking, reading...mostly eating.
Talents: Does tripping count? I can trip over my own shadow -__-; I can read really fast, i can throw a tomahawk, shoot a bow, AND shoot guns. dont mess with me! im dangerous. *rawr*
Likes: FOOD. books, anime (duh), my friends, my computer and my family
Dislikes: IDIOTS. people who think they know everything, but dont

Favourite Slayers Character and why: Lina. she doesnt take shite from anyone ^___^
Favourite Slayers Song and why: Stand up! it has an increadibly good beat, and i love dancing like a dork to it.
Favourite type of Magic and why: Shamanism / Fire. There's a certain appeal to blowing stuff up.

Leader or Follower? Leader. i hate following idiots -_-;
Cool and Collected or Emotional? errrr.... both.
Introvert or Extrovert? Depends. Do i know you? Extro. No? Intro.
How would you handle a very stressful situation? stressful for me or someone else? If it was for me, i'd find someway to end it, or get away. If it was stressful for someone else, i'd do my best to end it. i hate seeing people stressed.
If a friend was captured by a very evil person, what would you do? beat the ever loving shite outta the evil person.
If a friend was attacked by a mazoku, lesser demon, troll, etc., what would you do? probably stand between the attacker and my friend.

6 positive words that best describe you: positive, cheerful, bright, friendly, funny, and smart
6 negative words that best describe you: temper, far-too-hungry-sometimes, can-be-pushy-when-it-concerns-food, complainer, loud, annoyed-easily
One or more Photos (no more than 3) or brief description of yourself: Red hair, glasses, green eyes, average height, hyper and almost always hungry

From: ailes_de_destin
2006-05-17 04:45 am (UTC)
o_o;; You are like the epitome of Lina Inverse...
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