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Dragon Slave makes little baby hamsters cry XD XD - Slayers Ratings [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Dragon Slave makes little baby hamsters cry XD XD [May. 31st, 2006|10:48 am]
Slayers Rating


[Current Music |Panic At The Disco-I Write Sins, Not Tragedies]

Name: (real name if possible) Tiana Skye Stirewalt
Nicknames: Tia, Sven, T, whichever you prefer.
DOB: December 21, 1988
Age: 17
Height: 5'5'' and and a half.

Painting, writing poetry and short stories, reading novels has been my thing now. Like Mists of Avalon, Count of Monte Cristo I also like to read manga and watch anime (of course o_O;; or I wouldn't be here),
Talents: Painting, languages, writing in calligraphy, I am good at making teachers believe I gave them an assignment the day before, then the next day sneak the assignment into their pile of things. It's a talent I suppose be it I have done this since 6th grade.
Likes: Books on Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Art, Music (even Classical), Learning about cultures and languages, my anime collection. Took me a while to acquire and keep people from stealing it.
Dislikes: People who complain about how life is just oh so terrible. Stop complaining, get up and go fix your problem. Regardless, there is a way to do it, and if you have the will to fix it,Then do so. Also, I don't like girls who stand around in gym class screaming when the ball comes towards them. The last thing I dislike ....people with unnecessary superiority complexes.

Favourite Slayers Character and why:
Xellos, because back in 1999 I saw screenshots of Next and Try, and he is what prompted me to search high and low for the Next boxset (which I finally got in 2001). Also because he is just a very unique character, for the fact I never saw a character like his, and he reminded me of a friend I have.
Favourite Slayers Song and why: I have three. The first is I & Myself, that is because it has a very catchy beat to it. Next is Touch Yourself, the opening to Slayers Royal Game, that one has good lyrics to it, and a good beat. Then lastly is, Secret ~Dareka no message~ Why? No Xellos fan can't not like that song, and actually...I know alot of non fans that like it too. o__o;;
Favourite Type of Magic and why: (eg Dark, Shamanist) Dark, Shamanist, doesn't matter to me. Whichever will be useful in whatever situation arises. It's good to know about a little bit of both.

Leader or Follower?
Leader my friend, although follower if I have to be. Being a Leader to me is fun and all, however if you are a following you in a sense get to 'stand back' and take a look and observe the people around.
Cool and Collected or Emotional? Cool and collected with a little bit of emotional. Emotional is a good thing, atleast that way you do not come off like a statue (this was not a pun to Zelgadis o_O; ), but to me letting your emotions rule you can be very dangerous. You expose yourself in a sense to the people around you.
Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert with some introverted tendencies. I will talk to people and have some laughs, but I will NOT give out alot about myself. Why leave all that open game to people who can take advantage of you? Not me. I only share personal things with 3 people, and they are my most trusted.
How would you handle a very stressful situation? Think it over, and a plan on how to get out of this situation. Now if I lost my car keys...I would just search for it. Can't find them...well I have a spare set in my drawer.
If a friend was captured by a very evil person, what would you do? Find the evil person, and either A) quickly dispose of them, or pull the wool over their eyes, get my friend and leave. Now if it's like ...terrorists, or something of  that nature. I would most likely be doing alot of analyzing and many many hours of careful planning.
If a friend was attacked by a mazoku, lesser demon, troll, etc., what would you do? A Mazoku? Well if it were a Mazoku I would make sure to have many a back up plans in store, and I would make sure I have powerful enough spells to hold my own against it. A lesser demon? Oh, I would just kill it with a simple flick of the wrist even. They aren't  too much trouble.
6 positive words that best describe you:
Intelligent, Strong willed, Creative, Quick thinking, Cute, Strong.
6 negative words that best describe you: Crafty, Standoffish (sometimes), Fibber ( To teachers and other students I don't like), Mean (yet again to people I do not like) , irreverent,  childish (sometimes, and you know bad qualties takes me a while to put down @_@)
One or more Photos (no more than 3) or brief description of yourself:

No piccies, so here is a description of me:

Zodiac: (if you are curious) Dragon for Chinese, and Sagittarius/Capricorn for European.
My hair is dark brown and to my shoulders. I dye it unnatural colors every now and then just for fun, and I have some purple, gold, and red contacts from conventions I will wear. Speaking of, my clothing usally consists of things from Hot Topic, and Hollister. My eyes are naturally a bluey purple, though they actually use to be dark blue when I was little. Umm, what else  ...Ah I am a fan of Horror, Fantasy, and Mystery.